Friday, July 18, 2014

bedroom... round one

When i moved into my new place in february i was super excited to decorate right away! Who doesn't love buying new stuff?!? I got to work right away, focusing on my bed being the focal point. All i had was a mattress and box spring. No head board. So i did what i do best and used what i had lying around... and this was the outcome:

I used 2 old closet doors to make a head board. I was pleased with the outcome but after awhile it felt like something was missing. So next i added a curtain rod secured to the wall with some white curtains and voila! 

You may be wondering why this post is titled bedroom... round one... the reason is, my bedroom does not look like this anymore. I have rearranged and added more furniture finds. You will just have to wait for future posts to see the final outcome!

What is your favorite home decor improvisation?

White ruffle pillow: Marshalls

Sheer Gray Curtains: Bed Bath & Beyond

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