Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bedroom tour

As many of you know I live with my roommate and her daughter. When we first moved in in february she gave me to go ahead to decorate the whole place except for her bedroom and her daughters. Its been a long journey and I still have a long way to go. Throughout my posts I will take you along with me as i "complete" each room. (we all know a room is never really finished). Naturally when we first got here i started with my own bedroom because no one gets a good nights sleep with a bunch of chaos surrounding them. 

I never really know how I am going to layout and decorate a room... its usually a bunch of trial and error. And because of this I try to keep everything low cost. I do a lot of my decor shopping at home goods, tjmaxx, marshalls, and michaels. These places are good for picture frames, bedding, towels, and odds and ends at reasonable prices. Other times just like everyone else I find something on pinterest and want to make it so I throw in a little DIY!

This year I have been very lucky to have "found" all of my bedroom furniture... not my bed of course. Most people don't realize that they are throwing away these wonderful pieces of furniture. I am a sucker for antique dressers, they just don't make things like that anymore... so when I found 2 on the curb they had to come home.

Here I will take you on a tour of my "never finished" bedroom:

We will start with the before pictures:

And here are the Afters:

My bed is made up of 2 old closet doors (free) and sheer white curtains... the cost to make something so pretty and easy was about $10. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have something beautiful. This bedding is from Lauren Conrads line at Kohls.

 Here is the first dresser I found. The detail alone caught my eye. The wood was a little dry so I cleaned it up with some lemon oil. There is something I love about the wear and tear on this piece. I never aim for perfect. So this dresser stayed as is.

This desk/vanity is another find. It was in pieces when i found it and i put it back together and painted it. Its become one of my favorite finds. I added the before picture so you can see the difference.

 (before and after)

This little mug is a favorite. I pulled this out of the sand at Dead Horse Bay.

This is currently what my bedroom looks like... although I doubt that it is going to stay this way very long. I recently found a 1930s vanity that will need a place to go in my bedroom once I am finished restoring it. So swaping out furniture usually means rearranging the entire room. Stay tuned for an update!

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