Sunday, January 4, 2015

My 5 favorites for January

As part of the new year I have decided each month to add a section of my 5 favorite products or items for each month.

  • Bath & Body Works - Sparkle Every Day: Confetti Cupcake. 

 There is something about the smell of cupcakes baking that just warm me up inside. This scent is perfect for a winter time candle. Your whole house smells like you've been baking all day!

  • Biosilk Oil.

I don't know about you guys but I am always looking for amazing hair products. I have curly hair naturally but straighten and color it all the time. I hate when my hair starts to feel dry from too much blow drying, straightening, and coloring. Biosilk is my go to product when I want my hair to feel and look healthy. It smells amazing and a little bit goes a LONG way!

  • Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cupcake, Brownie, & Cookie Mix

I have tried a lot of different gluten free baked goods. Betty Crocker definitely wins in my book. I make this brand for parties and get-togethers and my guests don't even know they are gluten free until I tell them. Once they find out they are shocked! Do yourself a favor and give it a try! you won't be sorry!

  • Black and Decker Power tools.
If you are just starting out and venturing in to the world of DIY and power tools, but aren't looking to spend a ton of money then Black and Decker tools are where its at. I own many black and decker tools and they have yet to let me down. I use them for all of my DIY projects and they aren't expensive at all!

  • Elf Zit Zapper
To me this Elf Zit Zapper is a miracle worker! It cost me a $1 at target. If I feel like I am getting a blemish, I just roll a little bit on the spot and it is either completely gone or significantly smaller the next day! Just goes to show you that you don't have to spend a ton of money on some fancy pimple cream. $1 does the trick!

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