Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Wall...Paper Plate Tulips

Spring is right around the corner and I can't wait! I love bringing the excitement of spring into the classroom with colorful projects. This week we started our Spring Wall. This is one of my favorite weeks because I love the feeling the spring wall brings to the classroom. So far we made Tulips out of paper plates. Super simple.

You will need:

2 paper plates

To start I had each child paint their plates... one was green for the stem and the other was either pink or red... they got to choose. 

After they dried I drew lines where I needed to cut the plates (these are white so you could see the lines to cut along)

The plate that you cute with the triangle will be the flower part and the plate with the rectangle will me the stem.

The I stapled each piece together. Then I put them both together to create the flower.

Super easy and it helps to add color and spring beauty to the classroom. Of course I needed a really cute way to display the artwork which is why this post is called Spring Wall... I added a white "picket fence" and a "tree branch" and placed the flowers just so. And here you have the beginning of our spring wall....

Today we also made lady bugs but they were not dry in time for me to hang them up and take a picture and tomorrow we will make butterflies to add to the spring wall.... with photos to come. So come back and check out the final product!