Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Gluten Free Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I have started to put together gluten for options. Usually we end up with unexpected guests that stop by, so I always like to have options just in case they have a dietary restriction. I myself cannot have gluten so I always have to make alternatives to the traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

Today I am sharing with you some of my go to items for a gluten free Thanksgiving.

I used this stuffing for the first time last year. I was able to find it at our local Stop & Shop.
I thought it was a great option for a gluten free stuffing. You can add celery or craisins or whatever you choose to spice things up a bit.

Whats a turkey without some gravy?? McCormick makes a few gluten free mixes. I used this gravy last year even though the gravy my family makes does not have gluten in it I decided to try this one out anyway. I thought it was pretty good! 

My mom always makes a corn casserole. It used to be one of my favorites before I had to go gluten free. This mix is really good on its own, I like to make muffins out if it instead of a bread. This year I am going to try and make a casserole with it. I'll keep you posted with the outcome. This is definitely a favorite among gluten free and non gluten free folks!

I have not used this pie crust yet but I am going to make a gluten free pumpkin pie with it. Its a graham cracker crust and I am excited to mix it up with some pumpkin pie!

Last but not least, my all time favorite gluten free brownie mix! I actually use this mix all the time for all occasions and everyone loves it. I'm pretty sure most of my guests have no idea its gluten free.

I would love to hear from you about your favorite gluten free thanksgiving recipes and products!