Friday, December 2, 2016

Lets talk Christmas trees...

I love Christmas trees. Any shape, any size, ornaments, natural, colored light or white lights.... I love it all. This year I have 5 trees up in my house. Today I am going to show you guys my main Christmas tree in our living room.

Every year I like to try a new theme. This year I decided to go with gold and white. That meant that I had to purchase a lot of new ornaments. I had some white from my turquoise and white tree from last year but I only had a couple of gold ornaments in my Christmas stash. Now I don't know about you but because I like to change things up a lot, I can usually spend a lot of money doing so. This time I was determined to stick to a budget. 

Welcome to the Dollar Tree everyone. I found all of my white ornaments there. packs of white snowflakes for a dollar, white poinsettas, and white star bursts. 

I love how all of my white ornaments have glitter on them and when the tree is lit they sparkle. It just goes to show you that you don't have to spend a ton of money to make your tree look expensive!

Next, I was on the hunt for gold balls. Unfortunately for me I was not able to find any at dollar tree BUT, marshalls and riteaid had some killer prices and sales and I was able to find all of my gold balls for a grand total of $16. 28 ornaments for 16 bucks is alright in my book!

The texture of these gold ornaments also helps the light bounce off of them which creates a beautiful glow in the room.

I am completely in love with my tree this year. The photos don't do it justice in my opinion but when I got home and turn it on it feels so cozy that I am glad I went with a new theme this year.

What are some of your favorite themes that you have done on your Christmas trees?