Saturday, October 18, 2014

coffee table makeover...

For the longest time I have been staring at my ugly cheap coffee table thinking what can I do to improve this before I throw it in the garbage. When we first moved in to this apartment we didn't have any living room furniture... so to save on money I ordered this matching set from walmart for under $150. Don't get me wrong... walmart does have some really good finds but I knew what I was getting when I purchased this particular set. That being said as time went by the top of the coffee table got scratched.


 About a week and a half ago me and my sister took apart some pallets. She had a shelf that she wanted to make using the pallet wood and I got an idea to give my coffee table a make over! I pre-drilled holes randomly in the pallet wood to make it easier to screw the wood to the table top. I went with screws because the table is made of press board and nails would have made it split.

 Next I sanded and I could not get the blue completely off of that one piece so as much as I wanted to leave it natural I had to stain it. I used a stain I had from a previous project. I used Minwax polyshades in American Chesnut Satin.

I quickly brushed on the stain and then wiped it off. I didn't want it too dark. I wanted to still see the grain in each piece.

I have to say for something that was just temporary and ready for the garbage I am beyond happy with the outcome. I was able to turn my old table in to something I love and I was able to hide the blue paint on the pallet with the stain and create a table that fits the decor of my home.

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