Saturday, January 23, 2016

Simple Valentine's Day Classroom Decor

With Valentine's Day approaching its time to switch up my classroom decor. Today I put together 2 simple crafts to decorate my classroom door and cabinets.

For my cabinets I made Valentine "cupcakes". They were really easy to make and came out super cute!

First I cut out the shapes that I needed to make the cupcakes... The bottom, the top, and a tiny heart for the "cherry on top". Then I drew little details on each piece to bring them to life.

I glued them together and wrote the children's names on them and voila! 

The next project I did was to bring some Valentine's Day love to our classroom door!
For this one I made quick and easy heart shaped lollipops.

I simply cut out a heart shape and added the same detail that I put on the cupcakes and then I used salon beauty applicators for the stick. I taped them to the back with scotch tape and thats it. Both projects were super easy and not very time consuming at all. They add just the right touch to our classroom for Valentine's Day!